At Team Kinetix we pride ourselves on not just having a highly skilled team but also having a highly professional team.
When dealing with clients and events as we do, attitude is just as important as skill level.

It’s no secret that a majority of the Team Kinetix professional performers started as our students. We have always aimed to teach attitude and discipline as well as physical skills.
With this in mind, in 2012 we started to recognise students with potential and created the Team Kinetix Display Team.
The Display Team was a way to recognise, reward and continue to develop students who had shown great potential in terms of physical skill and attitude.
These young people take some responsibility in helping set up for classes and events and in return are invited to perform at community and local events around the UK.

Some Display Team members have gone on to gain coaching qualifications so they can help develop the next generation of students. Some Display Team members have gone on to become professional performers and joined the rest of the Team Kinetix Professional team in travelling the world performing for a huge variety of clients.

This year we welcome a new intake of young people with potential to the Kinetix Display Team.
Welcome to Joel, Charlie, Robin, Luke C, Ben W, Sean, Ben J, OJ & Luke W.
Watch out for them at classes over the winter and at performances and events in the summer 2016 season.

You can see their pictures alongside the professional team on our Meet The Team page.