We’ve had final confirmation that we’re all set to open from April 12th 2021.
Birthday parties will also return from May, these will be bookable on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Here’s our timetable, you can register and book online at https://www.teamkinetix.co.uk/classes/
Please note that adult classes and fitness classes won’t start until May. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Adult Classes will be adult only Open Training Sessions until May 17th.
If you’re new and have any questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions on https://www.teamkinetix.co.uk/faq/
Monthly memberships will start again from April 12th, if your membership has been on hold during lockdown measures it will be active again from this date.
Adult memberships and fitness memberships will remain frozen for now, if you’d like to use your membership for open training in before May 17th, please let us know.
If you’d like to book onto a class to secure your space before memberships are active again, you can book and choose to pay in cash on arrival, we’ll then apply your membership allowance once it’s active again.
Any prepaid sessions should all have been extended by 12 months, if this isn’t the case jut send me a message and I’ll extend it.
I’m very excited to see everyone again. I really have missed you all.