This month we’ve run the Parkour UK Sports Leaders Award at various venues around the UK for a selection of young people who are involved in Parkour & Freerunning.

Team Kinetix Head Coach Brad Wendes has been running these courses as part of his role at a Parkour Tutor and Elected Director of Parkour UK.

This Sports Leaders award will give you the opportunity to develop many skills which will be of use to you, both in a sporting environment and in life in general. The course is not concerned just with your sporting ability but instead will help you to develop many different peer leadership skills, such as being able to communicate with others in a sports setting.
Learners who successfully complete the course will not be qualified nor insured to teach or coach parkour/freerunning or any parkour/freerunning based activities but will be able facilitate training in Parkour & freerunning as well as guide newcomers to Parkour clubs and safe training practices. Learners will be able to assist with parkour groups and activities in an informed and educated way.

Parkour at Hadleigh park
Parkour leadership award at Hadleigh Parkour Park


Parkour Peers
Students on the Parkour Leadership Award at Hadleigh Park

Parkour Leadership Award