January 2020

We’re sorry if you didn’t get the message we put out online in December. We’ve put all of our membership prices and prepay prices down and only increased the price for pay as you go.
We post regular updates on our social media pages as our email list is very small after the GDPR regulations came in.

Full details of the memberships and price reductions are listed further below in this post.

From January 2020 sessions (including all classes and open sessions) will be £15 if you don’t have a membership or prepay.
If you’re doing more than one session per week then the silver membership is the best value as it effectively makes all sessions £6.67.

The prepay of £100 for 12 sessions is also a good deal if you’d like more flexibility as they’re valid for 6 months.
This makes all sessions £8.33.

We don’t want anyone to be paying £15 per session, the price hike in combination with the drop in membership prices was to encourage more people to become members

You can use the discount code: NEWBIE to get 50% off a class if you haven’t been able to prepay or get a membership yet