Director of Team Kinetix & Head Coach at the Kinetix Academy

Brad trained in gymnastics from a young age before starting Parkour in 2004. After reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007 Brad worked a professional performer for major brands and events all over the world. In 2008 Brad started coaching regular parkour classes with some highly skilled close friends. Today Brad continues to perform as well as offering professional choreography to major West End productions, TV & film, as well as running Team Kinetix and the Kinetix Academy.


Felix joined the team in 2017 after demonstrating a high skill level and a superb attitude. Felix has performed all over the UK with Team Kinetix as well as being one of our regular Academy coaches and competent photographer.

Coach / Performer
Jamie has been with Team Kinetix from a young age as a student. Jamie graduated through the Display Team into the main professional team. In 2019 Jamie earned his Parkour UK coaching qualification
Coach and performer

Tommy is one of the most enthusiastic and energising coaches you’re ever likely to meet. Tommy coaches our regular Saturday Academy classes as well as running our Birthday Parties, and offering personal training at the Academy.


Jack joined the team in 2010 and has always been a well-loved member of Team Kinetix. Jack had a huge wealth of experience in coaching parkour and acrobatics, as well as being an accomplished martial artist. Most of all, Jack is a lot of fun to be around.

Performer / Coach

Holly is one of our professional performance team as well as a regular Academy coach. Holly graduated from the National Centre for Circus Arts, she is a highly skilled acrobat and an excellent role model for young girls at the Academy.

Robert started coming to Team Kinetix Parkour classes from a young age and is well known for his excellent technique and huge dive rolls. As he got older, Robert showed an interest and aptitude for coaching. Robert's natural calm manner makes him an excellent coach to young students.
Coach / Performer
Zak joined Team Kinetix in 2018 when we opened the Kinetix Academy. Having travelled extensively and trained with a number of different practitioners, Zak is an incredibly experienced coach and practitioner.
Performer & Coach

Dave is one of our regular coaching team and creative professional. Dave qualified as a parkour coach before heading off to university, after graduating in film studies, Dave came back to coach with us while working freelance in the film industry.


Ewan started attending Kinetix Parkour classes while he was still in school. With such a wealth of experience, it was only natural that he join our coaching team as an adult and share his knowledge with the next generation of parkour practitioners.


Jem is one of our performance team who joined the team in 2018. Jem is exceptionally skilled and an absolute pleasure to work with. Jem has performed all over the UK with Team Kinetix as well as working on major TV projects.

Admin Manager

Julie is our bookings and admin manager, if you’ve emailed, messaged, or called Team Kinetix, chances are you’ve spoke with Julie. With excellent organisational skills, a great understanding of Parkour and the needs of our clients, Julie really does keep things moving.