Jack has been a part of Team Kinetix since 2009, his gentle, calming nature makes him a favourite of our younger members, everyone loves Jack's warm-ups!
Performer / Coach
OJ has been with the team since he was a young student, progressing through the Display Team into the main team. In 2019 OJ also earned his Parkour UK coaching qualification.
Coach / Performer
Jamie has been with Team Kinetix from a young age as a student. Jamie graduated through the Display Team into the main professional team. In 2019 Jamie earned his Parkour UK coaching qualification
Coach and performer
Robin has been with the team since he was a young student. He has proved himself time and time again that he is capable with a superb attitude.
Performer / Coach
Cheah has been with the team from a young age. He's always been known for pushing his limits and coming up with creative ways of moving.
Robert started coming to Team Kinetix Parkour classes from a young age and is well known for his excellent technique and huge dive rolls. As he got older, Robert showed an interest and aptitude for coaching. Robert's natural calm manner makes him an excellent coach to young students.
Coach / Performer
Zak joined Team Kinetix in 2018 when we opened the Kinetix Academy. Having travelled extensively and trained with a number of different practitioners, Zak is an incredibly experienced coach and practitioner.
Performer & Coach
Alfie's powerful movement style and approachable nature make him one of the premier faces on the UK parkour scene and an asset to Team Kinetix.
Jaydn is known the World over for his strong technique and fearless attitude to parkour and freerunning. His unique style brings invaluable variety to the team.
Performer & Coach
With a lifetime of gymnastic experience, Brendan is recognised as one of the foremost acrobatic performers in the World. His wealth of knowledge and experience make him an invaluable member of the coaching and performance team.
Admin & Fitness
Becki has been with Team Kinetix since 2011 in the role of bookings and admin manager. Becki is a Parkour UK qualified Parkour Leader, Level 2 Fitness instructor and Level 3 specialist Ante Natal & Post Natal trainer.