You may have noticed the team wearing KRAKEN branded clothing recently. We’re proud to announce that James has been sponsored by KRAKEN Streetwear.
they also have a great logo ????

Team Kinetix will be working in partnership with KRAKEN to support James, produce videos and images to promote the brand and we’ll all be wearing a lot of their clothes.

James repping KRAKEN

As a brand, KRAKEN are incredibly supportive of their athletes and grassroots sport.
We’re very proud of James for his attitude, skill level and how much of a positive role model he is for younger practitioners.
We’re glad he’s been noticed and Team Kinetix will continue to support James and produce more great content featuring James and KRAKEN Streetwear.

Team Kinetix will still be producing a limited line of our own branded clothing, these are available to our students, details available at class.

We’ll be posting some reviews of the KRAKEN training kit over the next few months. The kit is of superb quality and great for training in.
Team Kinetix will get promotional discount codes for our members which we’ll send out in the New Year.
In the meantime, if you’d like more information on KRAKEN and their kit, here’s some links:

Online stores:



KRAKEN_Extension KRAKEN_Gainer KRAKEN_Skipping KRAKEN_headstand KRAKEN_Matt KRAKEN_Ab KRAKEN_Backflip