The Kinetix Academy needs your help. GoFundMe link:

We’re running a reduced timetable with lower class numbers and more staff because our top priority as we come out of lockdown is the safety of our participants and our coaches.
Unfortunately our landlord and utilities companies don’t share these priorities.

We’re asking for anyone who can help to please help as we continue to exit lockdown in a safe and responsible way. If you can’t donate then sharing and recommending the Academy is also a great way to help.

On March 20th 2020 we closed as required by the government.
From that date we took the decision not to charge any of our members until we were able to reopen.
The Academy reopened on August 1st 2020. Our outgoings didn’t change much as we still accrued rent without any discount, we also needed to pay utilities and pay for all our services such as banking, booking systems, insurances etc.
All while receiving no business income.

We were eligible for one government grant, this wasn’t enough to cover our total outgoings for the closed period but it did help. Now we are under pressure from the landlord to make significant payments on top of the regular rent very soon or face further action from them. In addition to the regular bills, a water leak last year caused over £6000 of water bill which was not covered by our insurance as it was not on our property (but the pipe served just us) and during lockdown our van was vandalised to the cost of £2000, which needed to be paid before we could start running sessions in the parks again.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Brad Wendes
10th August 2020