Yesterday it was confirmed that Braintree and Witham will be moving into Tier 3 from tomorrow (Wednesday 16th December).
The Kinetix Academy is allowed to remain open and the class timetable on the website is correct:

Here’s a short video with my thoughts and feeling on the current restrictions, what we are doing and what we should be doing. I try to avoid personal content on this platform but on this occasion I wanted you all to know why were doing what we’re doing:

In Tier 3 there aren’t any additional restrictions on classes for under 18’s or open training sessions.
Despite no additional restrictions, we are going to be strictly enforcing the rules we have in place and taking steps to keep everyone as safe as possible:
– Please make sure everyone waits outside until called in by a member of staff.
– Be sure to use the sanitiser provided.
– Please follow the one way system.
– Please make sure no adults are staying in the building during classes – the hot drinks outside should make this more comfortable.
– We’ll ensure the participants are kept in small groups throughout the activities with the regular cleaning to continue.

The donation link to our GoFundMe is still live and is a running total of everything donated since August 2020:

Stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

15th December 2020