Here’s a quick video to keep everyone updated on what’s going on at Kinetix at present and over the coming weeks.
In brief:
– Everything nationally is still uncertain but the Government has proposed some things that make a difference to us
– The Kinetix Academy will remain open for the foreseeable future
– We will continue to clean and disinfect all appropriate surfaces daily and after high footfall
– If you or anyone close to you is unwell, please stay at home, this is for the benefit of everyone
– We ask that our members keep their memberships active at present. Once things return to normal we will double your session allowances for as many months as this continues.
We have had very few cancellations, so thank you all
– If the government give us a grant to get through this time, we intend to freeze all memberships so there would be zero cost to you immediately
– In the event of a significant government grant we intend to remain open at set times for very limited numbers to provide a FREE SERVICE to those who want or need it
Thank you all for your continued support at these very difficult times.