As Parkour professionals, coaches and role models to young people, we felt the need to set the record straight on Team Kinetix stance on dangerous and reckless activities:

Recently, mostly due to the ‘Don’t Look Down’ documentary, there has been a huge rise in practitioners of parkour (and other ‘thrill-seekers’) climbing cranes, radio towers (and seemingly anything else that is high up and looks like a ladder) and hanging off them. Many of these people record it, post these activities online or take selfies whilst dangling in a precarious fashion.

While we recognise that being confident at height is an important skill to develop within parkour, we feel that this can be done in much safer ways than climbing cranes. We also feel that it is not necessary for practitioners who haven’t been training for an appropriate length of time to be working at these kinds of heights anyway.

– We do not endorse the new fad within the parkour scene of climbing cranes, radio towers, really long ladders etc.
– Team Kinetix do not teach its members to take part in these activities.
– We do not feel that these activities reflect accurately or portray Parkour in a positive light.

You can still challenge yourself and your abilities at ground level or at a height that is appropriate for your experience and skill level.
Have fun, but most of all, stay Safe!

This statement is backed up by a number of UK Parkour Coaching organisations including:
Train Hard Parkour
Southend Parkour

I think this is a terrible idea and sets a very bad example
Pictures and videos like this set a very bad example


-Brad Wendes