Today Team Kinetix are working on ‘Milk &Honey‘ the forthcoming British gangster movie.

Team Kinetix provided equipment and Brad provided actor training to allow the lead actors to perform a stunt that involved jumping from the roof of a burning building.

Rachel Bright & Jonno Davies were a delight to work with, both of them were keen to learn and perform their own stunts.

We started at ground level teaching the actors how to correctly fall and land on both a prepared area and the gravel floor. Once the actors were comfortable we gradually increased the height until they were able to perform the fall, while acting, from the required height.

As is often the case on feature films, we were up against the clock. The stunt was the final shot of the day and we were left with a tight time slot.
The actors performed spectacularly and the shoot was able to wrap for the day early.

We’ll be looking forward to the final release of the movie to see the result!

Milk And Honey