After a successful season performing at over thirty T20 Cricket matches in 2015, we were invited back to perform again this year. This weekend was the biggest day of the T20 season; Finals Day.

Team Kinetix provided a team of 12 acrobats to entertain over 20,000 spectators during the semi finals and final of the T20 First Class season.

We were fortunate enough to sit just outside the boundary and react to the match as it developed. Half of the acrobats wearing the colours of one team, half wearing the colours of the other team. At all significant moments in the game we celebrated for the team whose colours we were wearing.
Some of the more competent batsman meant we did a LOT of somersaults!

The crowds absolutely loved the performances, cheering as much for the tricks and flips as they did the cricket.
Finals Day is a great day out and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Special mention must go to some of our Display Team members who made their professional debut at Finals Day. Well done to Luke, Robin, OJ, Ben & Joel. You absolutely did Team Kinetix proud.

Acrobat at T20
Acrobatics and pyrotechnics at T20


Acrobat at T20
High-flying Acrobat at T20


Acrobat at T20
Acrobat at T20 Finals Day