Team Kinetix at your event

Team Kinetix have been performing around the world since 2007 and currently hold two Guinness World Records.
We have performed at major festivals, corporate events and private functions as well as numerous TV appearances and community events.

We also manage our own junior display team who appear at local and community events.

Team Kinetix have been consistently performing for live events as well as for television and film appearances since 2007. You can see our client list and testimonials here

Not only do we have some incredibly skilled Freerunning and Acrobatic performers they are also excellent crowd entertainers. Our performers are equally at home on a film set as they are performing in an arena display for a large crowd.

Team Kinetix have a wide range of performers with a diverse range of skills and looks, our core team can be found here

We are also incredibly proud of our junior display team who have graduated from the Kinetix Academy and are available to perform at community and charity events as they gain more experience toward being one of our professional team.

For all performance enquiries, please contact us via the website or email [email protected]