Code of Conduct

To speed up the check in process at Team Kinetix classes, please complete the below Code of Conduct Form before your first class.

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  • Emergency Contact 1

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  • If you DO NOT wish to be included in any photography or video footage taken during these sessions, that may be used by Local Council and/or Team Kinetix, please tick here:
  • For you to read and understand:

    If you wish to attend the session, then it is important you agree with the following, We do not partake in parkour/freerunning with the intention to injure ourselves or others, we do not promote dangerous or illegal activities, we practice at ground level, we do not trespass or damage property, we move on if asked to do so by officials and we bring with us to every session a friendly, attitude-free manner.

    I understand that it is the responsibility of Team Kinetix to inform parents in the event of an accident or injury. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to then seek any medical advice.

    For a Parent/Guardian (if under 18) to complete:

    I give consent for my son/daughter to participate in the Team Kinetix class. I understand that the session will promote high levels of health and safety and will be focused on ground-based activity. I understand that Team Kinetix are not responsible for any injuries that occur outside of the structured gym session environment and that it is my responsibility to seek any medical advice for my child, should that situation arise.

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